Google Maps introduces,'Two-wheeler', mode as an India first feature

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The map shows the most optimal route for two-wheeler drives, in which, the travel time and routes can be different depending upon the real time congestion on the roads. We're seeing the new mode as well, on the most recent form of the Android app. This is a huge number and to address that, Google today announced a two-wheeler navigation mode for Google Maps, which is also an India-first feature. "It also provides customized traffic and arrival-time estimations", said Google in its blog. Offline maps and landmark-based navigation were initially developed for India. However, India is the largest two-wheeler country in the world having close to 18 million two-wheelers sold in the period of 2016-17, representing 70 percent of all registered motor vehicles.

Tech giant, Google has officially updated Google Maps in the country with new features that will help two-wheelers while commuting through the city.

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This is not the first time that Google has rolled out India first features before rolling it out for the rest of the world.

Google is adding two-wheeler mode only a week after Waze added a similar mode. The suggested routes are optimized for motorcycles and rely on reports from other riders. Similar to that in cars, the two-wheeler mode too comes with voice assist in navigation but at the same time shows an even more convenient mode compared to that of the auto. The route map, too, has been completely redesigned for two wheeler mode, with more landmarks, as people tend to learn about the routes using landmarks before starting a journey.

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