LaVar and LiAngelo Ball Explain What's Next After Son Leaves UCLA


Trump repeatedly blasted Ball for failing to thank him.

I guess we'll have to see what's in store for LiAngelo now, because it's hard to envision any school wanting him to play basketball there.

It appears LiAngelo Ball will not return to the UCLA men's basketball team.

The slight prompted at least seven tweets from Trump over eight days in which he called the elder Ball an "ungrateful fool" and bragged that "IT WAS ME" who got the players released, sparing them from potentially up to 10 years in a Chinese prison.

While all three basketball players thanked Trump at a news conference once they were back on US soil, LaVar Ball has played down Trump's role in bringing them home, prompting furious tweets from the president.

"Did you get a thank you?" Although there are seemingly no hard feelings from the Ball family, they are no strangers to taking this course of action. "Because if I got a fallback plan, that means I'm going 80 percent this way and 20 percent to my fallback", he said. "ZO2s bring you down, stop you from getting all riled up", he said. "That's the punishment they gave him, now we over here". I said it's gonna help him out - it's gonna make his blood pressure go down. "Put some ZO2s on and walk light".

The middle Ball brother has yet to play a single game for UCLA, where brother Lonzo - now the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers - played before he was drafted.

As for the decision to leave UCLA, LiAngelo said his suspension was starting to take toll. While at least one mid-major college basketball program had invited LiAngelo to transfer to it, Ball told ESPN that they were not interested in such a move.

"That's the whole season pretty much", LiAngelo said of his reported two- to three-month ban.

"That's just a long time of doing nothing", he said. "I rather be playing".

LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball are considering playing professionally overseas and are looking into their options, according to a report.

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