Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

Gmail introduced the Confidential Mode for its users to facilitate communications involving sensitive information over mail, a feature in high demand given the current concerns regarding data security.

According to Google's support website, confidential emails have a sender-defined expiration date (from one day to five years), but access to the email can also be revoked at any time.

With the recent update to Gmail, Google added a number of features to its email service. You can also set an expiration date and passcode for a message or attachment that you're sending.

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But now the feature has made its way to mobile with both Android and iOS apps receiving an update. After that, tap on the three dot menu on the top-right of the screen, which will then show a "confidential mode" option.

Confidential messages will be strictly about conveying the message to the person you choose to send it to. Only the recipient with the authentic passcode will be able to access the contents of the sent email. The feature launched on desktop earlier this year, and it allows senders to restrict things like forwarding, copying, and downloading the emails they send. This is done by going into your Sent folder, opening the email in question, and tapping the "Remove Access" button that appears at the bottom. Another minor downside might be if you don't check your email a lot, and then the message expires before you've seen it.

The company's support page describes confidential mode in more detail. With apps like BHIM, when you enter the payments mode and take a screenshot, it either gives an error that you can't take screenshots, or on some phones it captures complete black photos.

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